Gianni Zanin

Born in Conegliano (TV), Italy in 1979. After his education in technical mechanical engineering, he focused on industrial design, attending courses at University IUAV of Venice. During his studies, he attended a workshop and seminar with such relevant figures in contemporary design as R. Pezzetta with Electrolux, G. Pezzini for Favero HP, I. Hosoe and De Longhi. He also joined a seminar group at Fabrica (Benetton group) with M. Crasset and at Glasgow School of Art with M. Bedin.
Many of his projects have been selected for annual exhibitions. Most notably, his "From me to all" was selected for the MoMA virtual exhibition "Safe: Design Takes on Risk".
He has designed for Famar, IMA Mobili, Gridiron at Lever Plan studio, Isi Group (Austria), Daewoo Int. (Hong Kong) and Doimo Salotti.
He has been living in New York since 2006. He has taken part in projects at Curve ID, Stephen Valentine Arch, Hirst Pacific, Prime Studio and McGarryBowen, among others. Currently, beside his freelance collaborations he works as independent designer for US and Italian clients.


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Working on new ideas. Freelancing on various projects and always looking for new collaborations and opportunities.

> June 2011
Enjoyng PRATT drawing class. Let's stay in shape!

> May 2011
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> February 2011
"Audio level" designed for TIVOLI AUDIO competition selected for the DesignBoom Printed Exhibition Catalogue.

> January 2010
Design Process portfolio online. Visit Contact

> November 2009
Now a member of Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA,

> June 2009
Bombay Sapphire 2009 designer glass competition: 3rd position for Make it Double at the People Prize.

> March 2009 is online.



Gianni Zanin

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Rainbow, flexible stool
Becker Competition, 2011

The back part of the shell is cut into ribs of specific lengths, forming a natural arc shape, and are combined with colorful rollers. The rollers are inserted into slots, forcing the ribs to expand. The ribs are free to glide along the rollers, allowing the seat to gently bend.

+ Selected project.

Lampo, cursore Q

Cursore Q
designed for Lampo, 2010 - international zip producer looking for a new “blockbuster”

Not only a simple puller, but two in one. The difference between swinging and fixed pullers has always been a fundamental limit on their design. This limit became the focus of the new brief. The result is a puller with an inclined axis, an asymmetric design that can be used both ways.
Zip it with “Cursore Q”!

Naming + Branding

New mineral water, Italy
Naming and Branding, 2010

Solutions presented for a new eco-friendly mineral water company.
Name research, logo and label design


Make it double

Make it double
Bombay Sapphire Competition, 2009

Not only a martini glass, but a double glass or a glass with a double bottom. Inside a blue glass soul: the martini glass used as main container and representing the precious treasure. Outside a simple glass, reminder of a glass shaker, that as a coffer protects the martini glass and its content.

+ Selected project. 3rd position at the Bombay People Prize.


Season, pellet stove
produced by Mecatech, 2008

Season (10 and 12 KW) is the stove that changes dress. It follows the color of your house and soul by allowing you to use changeable, self-designed panels to furnish your space.
The panels are available in different materials such as glass, painted metal, corten and maiolica stone; and in different colors. The minimalist design, including the opening system between the metal, makes Season the perfect solution for both modern and classical rooms.

@ Hirst Pacific, NY

Structural packaging and lighting device
designed at Hirst Pacic, New York, USA, 2007-08

Ready-to-drink bottles and packaging design and research for food and cosmetic industries.
Portable torch system designed during a 9-month internship.

Bombay Sapphire Competition 07

Artistic martini glass
Bombay Sapphire Competition, 2007

bPocket: the glass is the space outside of the iconic glass shape.

Half: half full or half empty?... the answer is half glass.

Professional Kitchen equipment - ISI Group

Professional kitchen equipment
designed for ISI Group, AU, 2006

Heating-cooling box for whipped cream dispenser.
Whipped cream counter stand.

Home furniture/equipment - Famar

Home furniture/equipment
designed for Famar Brevetti, 2005-06

Fenix, pellet stove (21 and 34 KW).
Barbecue set: oven, spit, grill and barbecue all in one portable unit.
Designed at Lever Plan studio with Massimo Narduzzo

Bedroom furniture - Ima Mobili

Bedroom furniture
designed for Ima Mobili, 2005-06

Icaro and Dedalo bedroom furniture for children.
Designed at Lever Plan studio with Massimo Narduzzo.

Inbus, urban mobility system

Inbus, urban mobility system
degree project at IUAV university, 2006

The Inbus system is a tractor with 3 different trailers.
Each one is designed for different condition of use: SMALL for a historical center or small village, BIG for long paths and DOUBLE for extraordinary events or during rush hours.


2D Graphics

Belluno and its territory logo competition, 2003.
Publication "Contes et Merveilles" for Elana Gutmann, 2008. PDF

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